Why ThermoGRID?


ThermoGRID is the best Contractor Software created specifically to ensure easy business management while growing quickly.

Any Brand: Tablet, Computer, Smartphone

Manage Your Company To New Heights From Anywhere

Increase Sales

Smart Dispatching

ThermoGRID will take into account 5 areas when dispatching an employee.

  • Their Role
  • Their Skills
  • Their Location
  • Their Performance
  • Any Time Conflicts

Marketing Reports and Campaigns

ThermoGRID has the ability to pull reports based on certain criteria. For instance, all clients with older systems or systems with high repairs can be identified, and then a specific marketing campaign created and directed to these clients with just the click of a button.

Daily Management Report

Have you ever heard the saying "What gets measured gets treasured"?
ThermoGRID has a full dashboard to show you where each team member stands with their key performance indicators (KPIs).

This includes, among other things:

  • Call Conversion
  • Agreement Conversion
  • Generating Leads
  • Closing Ratio
  • Average Ticket

Streamline Your Business

No More Double Entry

Have you ever wondered if you could be more efficient when doing paperwork? It seems repetitive and inefficient to have someone fill out a sales slip, then someone else a purchase order for equipment, then an installer sheet, then a commission sheet, and then finally enter it into accounting.

With ThermoGRID, you will eliminate all of these steps, except one. After the sales slip is completed, every other step is automated and will be completed for you, saving time and resources.

All-In-One Contractor Software

All the information you need is all in one spot, whether in the office or in the field.

  • Scheduling
  • VoIP - Call Recording
  • Price book
  • Marketing
  • Heat Loss Heat Gain
  • ​GPS
  • ​Timesheets​
  • Client History
  • Company Documents
  • Job Photos
  • Pricing
  • Calendar
  • Inventory
Say goodbye to using multiple softwares to manage your business.

Want To Really Know Your Business?

Imagine a dashboard that will show you it all.

At a glance, you can see all sales closing ratios, all average tickets, and all conversion ratios.

ThermoGRID will also tell you how to get back on track if the above ratio/numbers are not where you want them to be. For example, the amount of:

  • Revenue needed per day
  • Service calls that need to be ran per day
  • Sales calls that need to be ran per day
The key performance indicators (KPIs) tracker is 100% customizable.


Our sales process is infallible. No experience in HVAC or sales is needed. This program is very well rounded and covers all aspects of the sales process, including:​​

  • The Script (learn to close sales at 70% or greater)
  • Sales Book
  • Load Calculations
  • Advanced Questioning
  • Psychology of Sales
  • Neuro Linguistics
  • Personality Assessing
  • Objection Handling​
  • ​Video Training


On average companies we coach are able to bring in over 30 candidates a week for interviews. We will advise and provide you, among other things:

  • Illegal Questions
  • Personality Assessments
  • Interview Questions
  • How to Become More Attractive in the Job Market
  • Where to Recruit
  • Position Agreements
  • Job Descriptions​
  • Standard Operating Proceedure
  • ​Video Training


We have all the forms you need to increase communication, protect yourself as a business, and have a professional image.

  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Handbook
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Safety Protocol
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Performance Reviews
  • Organizational Charts
  • Exit interview
  • ​Video Training


With our help, build a superstar technician from the ground up. We will implement our sales process in the service department to help you build a stellar selling technician. We will guide you and provide you with:

  • Script - Full Process Of A Service Job
  • How To Present A Price Effectively
  • Selling Maintenance Agreements
  • Generating Leads
  • Advanced Questioning
  • Personality Assessing
  • Objection Handeling​
  • ​Video Training

Call Center

Your call center is usually the first point of contact a client has with your company. The individuals in these positions can basically make or break the success of the organization. We will provide and guide you with:

  • Scripts (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Scheduling Training
  • Dispatching Training
  • Responsibility Alignment
  • Objection Handling
  • Video Training


Learn to effectively lead, coach and manage your team with these processes. As a leader you will learn to prioritize and make sure the focus is always moving towards the success you want.​