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CRM's: Trenches to Profits


The Following Script from RISE Coaching will help you overcome one of the most common objections that a Sales Rep may face when attempting to close!

True meaning of always be closing...


Can't decide between two systems.

Advisor: So no matter what, do you think you will get one of these two options?

Client: Yes

Advisor: When do you think you will know which one you want to do?

Client: By tomorrow

Advisor: What will determine if you do one option vs another?

Client: If we can find a way top afford it.

Advisor: So you don't have any other concerns?

Client: Nope

Advisor: What I can do is write you up for both options and you can let me know by ____ which option you want to stick with.

Roadblock on sales:

Inspector needs to look at it so you know what you can do...

Ask your self, "Worst case what will need to be done and how much will it cost?"

Ask your self, "Best case what can be done and how much would it cost?"

Advisor: What if the inspector requires you to do this and it takes your budget to (x), what would you do?

Client: We will have to do it.

Advisor: What if the inspector allows us to do this what would you do?

Client: That would be great.

Advisor: So either way you will do option 1 or option 2?

Client: Yes

Advisor: What I can do is write up both options so you are able to take advantage of the promotion. This way if the inspector says we need to do the bigger job you save 5k off of that. If he says we can go with the smaller job we can get you the 5k off that and either way you get the job done and save as much as possible.


Go hypothetical.... By asking
•"What if"
•"Lets pretend"


Advisor: Lets pretend you were not able to get the loan through the rebuild program... what would you do?

Client: I would look at other options

Advisor: When would you like to know what other options would be available to you?

Client: As soon as possible

Advisor: What we can do is see what our program will offer this way you know right away and later after seeing what the rebuild program offers, you can choose which one you want to use.

By asking these exploratory questions you can see what they would say before you ever ask them to do anything. This way you don't get a no because you don't ask them to do it till you know they would say yes.

Example 2 exploring by phone:

Advisor: There are manufacturer discounts on new systems and they have full warranties. Some units are significantly less than what they would normally be. What I wanted to do is just see if any of these units would work for your home and still meet your needs. How's that sound?

Client: Great

Advisor: In a perfect world what would you be buying for your home?

Client: Furnace, AC, and radiant

Advisor: Are you planning on looking into financing?

Client: Probably

Advisor: What would be a comfortable payment that wouldn't cause any challenges... $100, $150, $200, $300, $400, $4000?

Client: $200
Advisor: Ok, What is the overall budget that you really wanted to be at to complete this project?

Client: 12,000

Advisor: What if you were not able to get it done for that what would you do?

Client: Depends on the payment

Advisor: I am not sure if this can be done but what I will do is make some calls and see what they could do, if there is a time to get close to what you want it would be now based on their discounts. If they can help you do this, I'll give you a call back. OK?

Client: Ok

Advisor: talk to you soon, bye

Call back

Advisor: hey ___________, I think I might have something that will do what you want and be affordable, I will need to come out and see if it will match your home. They wont have the system very long can I come out tonight or tomorrow to check things over?



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