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To reshape the future of contractor software by delivering the worlds most efficient, accurate, and profitable software solution.


Around the world, every second of every day, we make contractors aware of their bottom line and inefficiencies. Our software makes it very easy for contractors to manage their company in a way to increase revenue and profit.


Clients First
Creating value for our clients with everything we do.

Doing the right thing and following through with our commitments.

Developing ourselves and others to make us a better team.

Raising the bar for ourselves and others to achieve new, unseen heights.

Awesome software and awesome customer service after!

Chris Norton

Thank you Travis McGee for helping us update our price list. He went above and beyond during a stressful situation to ensure everything was uploaded efficiently! He also took a call at a time he didn't have too! Thank you thermogrid and Travis, we appreciate you and your hard work!

AC Executives

Great software! We love it, it has changed our business entirely!!

Samuel Petrie


ThermoGRID was founded by HVAC Masterminds and a consultant that knew what it took to grow companies from zero revenue to multi-million dollar operations in a matter of months. ThermoGRID is built with every role in an HVAC company in mind because we've been there. If your destination is to become more efficient, accurate, and profitable, see how tools in ThermoGRID will take you to heights that you never knew were possible.

History of ThermoGRID

Owner Creator of ThermoGRID, a DXV Technology company - Adam Cory

Adam started out in the HVAC and Plumbing industry as an Installer and moved up into other positions such as a Service Technician, Sales Representative, Sales & Service Manager, and then General Manager.

In the sales position, he ran into issues with time:

  • There was lots of paperwork
  • Load calculations took a lot of time
  • Putting purchase orders together
  • Matching up parts and pieces
Adam decided to create an excel spread sheet to make these processes automatic. He now was able to do load calculations in a few minutes versus 45-60 minutes. When choosing a condenser, it would automatically choose the proper size coil, lineset, thermostat, and pad based on what the unit required. This ended up saving 30 minutes per job as well. The idea was... if things needed to be done daily and there was a way to determine what needed to happen, it needed to be automatic. Once this was in place it allowed Adam to be out there selling versus doing tons of paperwork.

As Adam moved into other positions, he found other needs that their software could not manage effectively and continued to create a spreadsheet to manage them. Some challenges were managing maintenance agreements, dispatching properly, and inventory control.

One day, a company dropped in at Adam's office that specialized in building software programs and Adam showed them the spreadsheet. They were blown away at how an excel file was able to accomplish all that it did. Soon after, these individuals became partners in creating a company called DXV Technology, and the product ThermoGRID, as a cloud based program.

The partnership went for quite some time until Adam decided to buy them out so he could continue to develop the software and truly help contractors manage their clients and team.

Adam still maintains an active mechanical masters license in the state of Iowa, and actively works with contractors and their clients. This allows ThermoGRID to continually update with the times and needs of the industry. Over 250 new features were deployed last year in ThermoGRID, and they are on track to do the same this year.

When a company signs up with ThermoGRID, they are not just getting a software, but they are getting a company that truly understands the industry. We will also consult businesses on how to achieve outcomes required to succeed.